Research Articles Under Review or in Preparation

Cole, M. (in preparation ). New Infrastructures of Capital and Labour: Structural Discontinuity and Technological Revolution at Work.

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Cole, M. (in preparation). The Nature of Hospitality Work: Contradictions in the Labour Process. Human Relations

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Howson, K., Ustek Spilda, F., Bertolini, Alessio, Heeks, R., Ferrari, Fabian, Katta, S., Cole, M., Aguera Reneses, P., Salem, N., Steward, S., Graham, M., Sutcliff, D., (Forthcoming 2021). ‘Stripping back the mask: Working conditions on digital labour platforms during the COVID-19 pandemic’, International Labour Review.

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Cole, M., 2015b. Book review: The Fissured Workplace: Why Work Became So Bad for So Many and What Can Be Done to Improve It. Review of Political Economy 27, 679–682. doi:10.1080/09538259.2015.1080469

Industry/Parliamentary Reports

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Other Selected Publications

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