Dalston moi

Dr Matthew Cole is a Lecturer Technology, Work and Employment at the University of Sussex, researching wage theft and technological change. He is an Associate Fellow of the Oxford internet Institute working on the Fairwork Project (which examines platform work) and the Digital Futures at Work Research Centre (Digit). Matt is also member of the British Universities Industrial Relations Association and a member of the future of work group as part of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence. He is also on the editorial board of Work, Employment and Society, a flagship journal of the British Sociological Association. His academic interests revolve around the political economy of work and technology, with a particular focus on wage theft, the politics of AI, and labour market policy.

Matt is originally from upstate New York, though has lived in London since 2010. Trade-unionism has been an integral part of his politics and he has been actively involved in the labour movement for over fifteen years. He has been published in Tribune, Novara, Vice, Open Democracy, The Independent, Salvage, and in various academic journals.


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