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I am a postdoctoral research fellow at Oxford University in the Oxford Internet Institute working on the Fairwork project.

Fairwork is committed to highlighting best and worst practices in the emerging platform economy. In a partnership with the International Labour Organisation (ILO), we have brought together platforms, workers, trade unions, regulators, and academics to set global principles of fair work in the platform economy. By evaluating platforms against measures of fairness, we hope to not just show what the platform economy is, but also what it can be.

My research interests are interdisciplinary and mainly revolve around the political economy and sociology of work and technology. I am particularly interested in the social shaping of the platform economy, trade union responses to digitalisation, the politics of inequality and policy development aimed at creating a more just society. Drawing on various disciplines, my approach to research is multi-level, grounded in Marxist political economy and qualitative methods, linking the micro to the macro.

I am also an affiliate member of the Autonomy Institute, an independent, progressive think tank focused on work and its futures.

I have written for the Independent, Vice, Tribune Magazine and Novara Media.

Curriculum Vitae


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