Why a Strike at TGI Friday’s Is a Big Deal for Britain’s Pissed Off Hospitality Workers
Vice – May 18th, 2018
Here’s a “tip” for the bosses – pay your workers fairly

It’s possible that we can build a society where people don’t have to work- here’s how
The Independent – August 18th, 2017
Businesses are paying their workers less and making increased profits – it isn’t sustainable, and that’s why we need a post-work future.

On Automation
The Autonomy Institute – July 2017
Report for the Autonomy Institute on the effect of automation on work

Why so-called ‘Barista Visas’ won’t help UK Hospitality Workers 
The ‘barista visa’ ultimately will keep EU migrants in a legally subordinate position to nationals, exacerbating the ‘migrant division of labour’ and further undermining all working conditions. The further precarisation of migrant labourers in the hospitality industry will at best allow business owners to continue exploitative practices and at worst, further divide workers.

How to Study for Knowledge When the World Wants You to Study for Money
Some tips from an academic on how to pursue knowledge when your university wants you to chase a job.

7 Ways the Home Office’s Prevent Strategy is Turning Everyday People into Police
The government’s latest counter-terrorism bill is entrenching racism and surreptitiously undermining our civil liberties. Comprehensive new measures build on an existing framework that has been egregiously targeting minority ethnic communities since 2001. It is now permeating nearly all aspects of the public realm.

Farewell to the Middle Classes
When the middle drops to the bottom, the bottom drops out.

Django in chains: American racism and the bootstrapping myth
The ideology of Tarantino’s new film resists the necessary dismantling of white supremacy – the system of structural racism that privileges white people over others, regardless of the presence or absence of racial hatred.